Soybean Checkoff Research Database

Soybean growers are investing in a wide array of research projects that focus on soybean production and developing new soybean uses. Dollars are obtained at the first point of sale for state boards, regional organizations and the United Soybean Board to invest in research and promotion programs.

The United Soybean Board has funded this project to highlight the checkoff research investment. This website was developed to provide information for over five hundred research projects funded by the checkoff organizations.


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This database provides an overview of the soybean checkoff research program and a method to search for soybean research projects of interest. The website is organized using six links. The Search by Key Word, Search by Researcher, Search by Checkoff links provide alternative approaches to find research projects.

The Historical Research Information link provides background information on the soybean checkoff research program. The Executive Summary Report link provides an overview for the checkoff research program, and Soybean Research Links provides quick access to the Qualified State Soybean Boards.



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